Friday, September 17, 2010

Beetle Kill Livens Local Economy

I ran across this material - Beetle Kill Pine- a few years ago when I was working at abe Designworks. It is a result of millions of acres of forest killed by mountain beetles; Colorado is especially known for these deforestations. The wood from these trees have characteristic blue streaks which makes this resource tied locally to Colorado.

An example of one of these businesses taking advantage of Colorado beetle kill pine is Corbin Woodworking. A Colorado entrepreneur Corbin Clay started this woodworking shop to take advantage of this abundant beautiful resource to create beautiful designs. Read more here. Conceptually it is what green is all about - home-grown materials for a quality local product that supports the local economy. And not only that, there is attention to design that makes these works both beautiful and functional.

Also check out his Blu-Chairs.

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