Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Night's Party blog

I'm in a hotel room with two naked porn stars and a pin-up model, partying. The vodka is ¾ done. It's 2 a.m. The phone rings.
She speaks. So are you serious? You want to take pictures of me?
Yes. I can do it tomorrow if you're around.
Why not tonight? Are you busy?
The girl on the other end of the line is my bank teller from this afternoon. My Washington Mutual teller wanting to come over right now when I'm hanging out with these crazy girls and take pictures. Bad, bad idea.
Yeah, ok. Perfect. Come over.
I tell the girls to get dressed so we don't freak her out when she gets here.
The bank teller calls back.
I'm nervous, you know, my body isn't perfect. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I gained a few pounds. Is that okay?
She's on speaker phone and the porn stars are making "Oh, she's so cute..." faces.
I like your curves. Don't worry about it. Come over.
More drinks.
She knocks on the door. Shh, shh... She's either gonna freak out or, I don't even know.
I open the door. She looks into the trashed hotel room.
She speaks.
You know, I don't mind if you guys wanna get naked.

Last Night's Party's blog. I can't believe I didn't see this before. Some great entries. Take a look.

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