Monday, March 9, 2009

The IAC Building - Frank Gehry

I can appreciate Frank Gehry architecture for what it is but 'til now I've only seen his works as enlarged sculptures. As visually stimulating the gestural works are, the functionality of spaces seemed generally second-thought.

The IAC building however, has a gestural quality that connects with my subtle sensibilities as an artist. It is a virtual delineation of the layers of functional spaces; the street level that glows with life and vibrance, the shrouded level above offers privacy, and terraces above that which offers tremendous views of New York City.

I feel like I am so far from the world of architecture, as it's been months since I've been laid off at abe, but when I see myself admiring works like this, it brings me right back to the things I appreciate so much in architecture...the fantastic coupling of art and life. Concept and construction. Gesture and function.

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