Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gay Porn Star Identical Twin: Keyon Goffney

I came across this article on the Details site the other day.  It is provocative to say the least.  Keyon and Taleon Goffney, identical twins from Camden NJ, do what is necessary to make it.  

I think the article, long-winded as it is, emphasizes what it is about Keyon that is so easy to latch on to.  His modeling career is inextricably linked to his bizarre history, but you can't help but relate to it.  

I keep coming back to why it is I am drawn to this story; it is only unique in its specifics.  Bizarre and perverse as it may be to some, the story of survival is in a sense the "American Dream"; in Keyon's words "It's a hustle.  Just like anything else".      

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