Monday, October 4, 2010

Chic-y Monday

I absolutely love the lushness of the Victorian aesthetic. It embodies chic, rich luxury. From the rich textures and patterns to the dainty details, it appeals to my design aesthetic so romantically. What excites me even more is the fusion of Victorian style and modern sensibility. The juxtaposition of modern edginess and Victorian romanticism creates a very pleasing palette. Above is a collection of inspirations with this in mind. They invoke chic-y luxury to me.

a: Sofia Loren 1972 (from Fendi's photo gallery)
b: Fendi dress (Fall/Winter 2010-2011)
c: Classic & modern design beautifully illustrated (decorating ideas)
d: Japanese inspired waves wallpaper (Foulards Kanagawa, Elitis)
e: Beautifully decorated interior, love the color palette
f: Philippe I: mini collection (Gueridon by Sam Baron)
g: Quilted textured wallpaper

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