Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Screens

Thomas Phifer's Salt Point House is featured in this month's Architectural Record.  I thought it would be a nice comparison to the Tattoo House.

The minimal use of materials and the clean straight lines results in a very modern form.  This is in sharp contrast to its context and makes for an interesting juxtaposition.  The verticality of the screens mimics the trees that surround as well as create a semi-transparent effect that maximizes views throughout the house.  The ribbon-windows reflect the trees and adds another layer of transparency.  The shadows cast into the house adds yet another layer and brings the outside in.  

The Salt Point House assimilates within its context in a very simple yet poetic way.  Amazingly the porousness of this design addresses the beauty of its surroundings and optimizes the practicality of providing privacy with screens. 

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