Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sliding House - Suffolk U.K.

The Sliding House was designed by London architects dRMM, built in Suffolk, U.K. The exterior shell slides on rails over the glass house and guest house. This design allows for variable degrees of privacy and sunlight along the axis. The shell also provides shelter for the pool to be added down the road at the end of the axis.

I was initially hesitant with the general design of the simple "house" motif. But I am taken by the simplicity in design and its flexibility to allow the user to control the design based on varying desires- whether that be degrees of privacy, weather, or even mood. Modern-chic. There are some great spaces created; my fav is the rooftop bath. I could just see myself laying out on the deck here, sitting in the bath on a nippy fall evening. Lovely.


Hune Kasprov said...


Really this is a informative post. Thank you for giving this information about house design. This design looks really very beautiful.

Ruth Penders said...

Ah thanks Hune! I really do love analyzing design like this. Especially such elegant house as this.