Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Welcome To My World

I have been thinking about how people- individuals interact with others and connect on one level or another.  I imagine a sphere of being: a richness of likes, dislikes, pet-peeves, desires, goals, history, family, ideas, mistakes, memories, tastes, amongst a vast array of facets that make us who we are.  Where my "sphere" and another person's intersect, gives us a point of interaction upon which we build a relationship.  To me that means I welcome you into my world and vice-versa.

I absolutely love this song on the new Depeche Mode album "Delta Machine" - Welcome To My World.  It is hauntingly romantic and beautifully sad.  Makes me think of this idea of human interaction and no matter how short or long these moments last, they add to the "World" of individuality that we all possess and expand every day.  Now I tone it down just a tad and say this goes out all the people in my life now and have shared with in the past- so beautifully written by Depeche Mode:

"And if you stay a while 
I'll penetrate your soul
I'll bleed into your dreams
You want to lose control

I weep into your eyes
I make your vision see
I'll open endless skies
And right your broken wings

Welcome to my world"

I guess it is Welcome Back!  After such a long hiatus it's refreshing to be able to write and share again.  Cheers!

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