Friday, December 10, 2010

Korean in the mainstream?

Something I've noticed lately is a lot of Korean food and culture being brought to the forefront of media today. I mean, let's face it (not that it's a contest or anything), Japanese culture has long dominated people's imaginations. But the other day I was watching- yes one of my guilty pleasures lately- Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. They did a feature on South Korean foods. It was quite entertaining actually, and I'm glad he seemed to like a lot our foods. Take a look at the episode and article. Seoul is fast-becoming a robust metropolitan city in respect to the arts and architecture as it has long been rich with culture and foods.

Anyways, again I found myself reading a feature about South Korea on Wallpaper. Here's a cool slideshow from the article. Case and point: It seems Korea is the new up-and-coming culture that westerners are paying more attention to these days. Oh yes! don't forget all the Korean fusion food trucks that are making their way around the L.A. area these days; like Kogi. Kogi's enticing menu features such items as "Kimchi Shortrib Caesar Melt" and "Shortrib Tacos/ Burritos". Mmmmm!

In any case, it's exciting to see people getting excited about Korea. Being of Korean descent, but never having been to Korea as an adult, I can only appreciate this burst of enthusiasm with everyone else. Someday I will be able to enjoy Korea in person. Until then bring on the Kogi trucks and travel blogs. :)


lambroslaw said...

i cant stop watching Bizarre Foods either -_-)\

Ruth Penders said...

So gross sometimes yet so satisfying!