Friday, March 7, 2014

Music That Gets Me Going

Ok, I'm just gonna ignore how long it's been since my last post and get right back into it.  Here we go.   So lately what's really getting my thought wheels turning is running.  I get on that treadmill, zone out to some good music and the thoughts just flow.

It's so counter-intuitive because you would think that something so meditative wouldn't generate such a good flow of thoughts but that's just what meditation is.  It let's you roll through your thoughts instead of dwelling on them.  Anyways, I digress just a tad.

So while I add onto the miles the music that is best conducive of this state is interestingly enough not high-tempo stuff.  You'll see in some of the tracks listed, it's pretty loungey, instrumental/ ambient, groovy.  This is the kind of music that really gets me going, that myself connects with and when I'm running really gives me that umph.

Again, interesting 'cuz this is in essence, me.  I'm laid-back and calm.  Cool yet chill, not over-the-top, obvious, or obnoxious.  And that groove, well that's just my style baby.  Anyways, here's some old goodies that I like to jam to sometimes, and some new good running chill-out, awesome meditative, thought provoking music.


1.  UKO- Sunbeams 
2.  Hol Baumann- Handwritten Notes
3.  Jimi Hendrix- The Wind Cries Mary
4.  Queen- Crazy Little Thing Called Love
5.  Bonobo- Nothing Owed
6.  Mount Kimbie- Carbonated
7.  Bonobo- Pieces ft. Cornelia
8.  Nightmares on Wax- Passion

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