Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two fav artists: Banksy & Fairey

New auction piece for "undies auction" where celebrities auction off their undies for a charity. Check out the article linked to the image. Arrested Motion is a great new art blog I found. Check it out.

Shepard Fairey is another one of my favs at the moment. He's been around for some time and as a fellow RISD alumni I can relate to his work very easily. As you may know Fairey is suing the AP after the AP released a statement that Fairey needed rights to make his famous Hope poster for the Obama campaign. Here's the story on nytimes.

Check out Fairey's explanation for the lawsuit on his website. It is an interesting read and I agree with him 100%. At that, an artist should not have to explain himself. It is a subjective medium. It makes no sense that he needed permission to use the photo and compensation for its production. Fuck that I say! If that principle were applied, any artist who painted, drew, or represented another object by means of realistic representation should owe money to whomever produced the photo. Nonsense. Inspiration is not a right of ownership.

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