Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Minimal Mixes For the Soul

"Me, I can't usually get
'em 'cause my girlfriend's a
vegetarian. Which more or
less makes me a vegetarian,
but I sure love the taste of a
good burger."
- Jules, Pulp Fiction

I have my own little stints of musical preferences, but likes Jules oh-so-beautifully explains, couples tend to take-on each other's likes and dislikes. This is purely anecdotal but it is true that couples tend to become more alike, sharing characteristics and demeanor. But I digress -

Lately I've been picking up on some really sexy minimal techno Mick Finesse has been introducing me to. Here are my top two favs of late:

FACT mix 182: FourTet
FourTet: I've been a fan of FourTet since my college days. His chillout style has got me through some rough nights in studio. Check out the link above for the mix; great article on the artist as well. The mix is only up for three weeks though so get it quick.

Labrynth SSGS Special Mix: Steffi
Steffi is a new gem for me. She's gettin' a lot of praise for her mixes and performances as resident at Panorama Bar at Berghain- acclaimed by some as the best club in Berlin. Berghain defines techno for Berlin. I hope to make the pilgrimage here someday. Definitely on my list of places to experience.

Both articles have tracklists as well. Enjoy!

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