Monday, September 13, 2010

Kinetic Wall - Ned Kahn

Ned Kahn's "kinetic wall" which is proposed to be built along the side of Australia's Brisbane airport - car park bulding. Check out the article here. Not only is it a visual art installation, the aluminum panels that sway in the wind functions as passive cooling for the car park interior.

I think it is an ingenious way to tie form and function; it creates a visual rendering of nature by means of thousands of aluminum panels. This paradox created from the man-made materials and the kinetic / organic design is a beautiful marriage. Plus it functions as a passive cooling system for the program it serves (a car-park), which by conventional means is for the most part always so dull and massive and plainly depressing artistically.

I would love to see this installation in person some day. It just looks so natural, like the ripples in a lake, but metal, and vertically oriented. It stimulates my senses architecturally and artistically.

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