Saturday, September 11, 2010


"The quality of life can directly lengthen your life." Watching Nightly news tonight there was a segment about cancer patients and a study done on a group of cancer patients who lived an average of 3 months longer than patients who were not part of a program that focused on improving the quality of their daily lives. Palliative medicine is this new approach to medicine and quality of life. I could not explain it as well as the professionals do but you get the idea. A more comprehensive, integrated approach to health and medicine which is proven to actually extend the lives of people.

I have to say I've been quite in the dumps lately; I tend to be a worrier and with a little one on the way and our economic situation where it is, I have found myself lost in worry - I'll be washing the dishes thinking about how to stretch our last few dollars as long as we can, and the next minute I'll be in tears. I keep telling myself I can't keep doing this. Stress is one of the worst things I could pass onto little Aston. I try my best to keep my hopes up and I've got my adoring husband Steve to thank for most of it. I am luckier than lucky to have someone that is always so positive. I tell him he's my rock, and he is.

So here it is. I've been inspired to look at things differently. The phrase "Quality of Life" keeps resonating in my head. What are the things that make me happy? This is a good opportunity to explore this question and question the things that keep me going or not. I've always thought I was a vain person; now it's time to really delve into the idea. More to come. Aforementioned news segment below.

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