Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lea T- Transgender Model

Can't miss this headline this week: Lea T now on cover of Lurve mag. After being on the Fall 2010 Givenchy ad campain, this transgender model is now on the cover of Lurve magazine.

I have to say this is not a big jump in the world of high-fashion modeling. I think that the allure of these models is their androgynous looks. Most high-fashion models look very bizarre and asexual; so Lea T's blast into the spotlight isn't that big of a deal. She has the look.

I think what makes this a headline is the fact that her gender, one that is so socially unacceptable, is now in the spotlight. Take it or leave it- that's what she is and she is successful. I am glad she can be open about it. And I have to say, I especially love the Givenchy photos that she's in. Take a look. They are beautiful.

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