Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beauty of the Underdog

So I'm sure you've all seen this as it has been the buzz of pop TV this week but I must post this as it has really affected me in a significant way.

Susan Boyle blew everyone away with her performance on Britain's Got Talent. Check out the video. Words do not do her justice. This situation makes me step back and think about how I would have responded to her appearance. I don't think most people are so cruel to judge her physically just to boost his/her own self-esteem (keyword: most). It is more logical to conclude that people are so conditioned by the social standards of how one is to look, act, and think that one cannot give another the same fair shot that he/she would expect for themselves. I think Susan Boyle's performance on the show was a great social experiment.

You see the judgemental sneers and cynical attitudes of nearly if not all of the people in the audience, judges included. It is so apparent it oozes off every one's faces; disgustingly so. When the first few notes are sung, everyone melts. Now...I would like to think that I would not judge a person by his/her looks but quite honestly I probably would have been cynical at the least.

So why do we give her merit only after she has proven her talent? I'd say that the overwhelming emotional response had by all is a result of 1.) the beauty of her singing voice, 2.) the confidence and joy had by Susan Boyle from the moment she stepped on stage, 3.) the power of how everyone can relate to how she must have felt. We can all empathize with the insecurities caused by feelings of doubt. To all the "Susan Boyle's" out there, keep your head up high and fuck everyone that does not have the capacity to see the beauty of the underdog!

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