Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beach Bunny Swimwear Review

I ordered the Rich Girl (aqua/ivory) bikini from Beach Bunny Swimwear online about a week ago. Check out their line. Very sexy, as the name implies. Here is my review:

First off, shipping was very quick! I ordered on a Tuesday and it was delivered on Saturday the same week; this was for the regular ground shipping. Unfortunately I wasn't home so it took another day to get it redelivered but I was surprised it was shipped so quickly. On to the swimsuit. I absolutely adore it.

I was afraid it would look too "lingerie-ey" as it kind of does in the picture, but it isn't. The material is super soft and not cheap feeling. Definitely good quality swimwear. Worth the money as far as look and material. I'm gonna wear it for Vegas in a week and a half. So excited! Any problems I will report back.

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