Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vending - what?

I saw this in I.D. today.  What's weird is I ran across it before while I was inter-web surfing but it didn't process like it did today.  I mean, you've gotta think, it'd be kind of rough being the guy who stocks these bad boys...but I digress.  

I have been all for everything over-the-top and loud lately.  You can't help but be affected by today's pop culture; neon is in, super-bright colors and disco chic flavors, as well as in-your-face typography-based graphic design are all the rage.  

These vending machines by bikedispenser.com are an ingenious idea.  Green in every way as well as convenient, these babies are automated rental stations.  You swipe your bikedispenser card and voila~ your bike is dispensed.  Not only that, the whole contraption is designed with some class.  I wish we had these in the U.S.

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