Thursday, May 22, 2008

Minitel Rose

Minitel Rose is part of a group of producers from Western France, called Valerie.  Valerie has a great blog worth checking out as well.  Other artists in the group include The Outrunners, College, Anoraak, Maethelvin, and others.  

I am in love with all the great up and coming electro artists out there but for some reason the French just do it with amazing ease.  Minitel Rose is my fav out of the bunch so far; very 80's retro sounding, catchy, dancy, and still good 'ol dirty electro.  These guys are a buzz in the electronic music blog world and I'm glad I found them before they hit it big...and you know they will before long.   Their first album "The French Machine" is out this month on May 28th.  I cannot wait!  

Below are a list of blogs that I've found have some tracks available for download.  Check out Minitel Rose's Remix myspace page for some free tunes as well.   

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