Sunday, March 9, 2008


We attended the Adams County Democratic Assembly yesterday (12.08.08) at the Adams County Fairgrounds. At the caucuses in February, Stephen and I volunteered to be elected delegates for the Adams County Democratic Assembly. We were both inspired and moved to do our part to contribute to the movement of change that is becoming so evident today.

We both support Barack Obama enthusiastically and thought this would be a good opportunity to be a part of the process that we have been so oblivious to; frankly, until recently (the past couple years), I have developed a healthy skepticism to question everything. Of course this tendency has been fermenting through my college years, but only in an abstract way. The reality of the absurdities of the right-wing evangelical policies that are choking out all reason in America today is the seed that is bringing out this need for change. I cannot just sit back and do nothing as Bush and the Republican party argue for a war in Iraq, insist on invoking fear in Americans by feeding us bullshit, doing nothing to alleviate our dependance on foreign oil or advancing our own economic and technological future by investing in new sustainable technologies, allowing domestic spying on Americans and trampling on our privacy while protecting the corporations that assist in the process...just to name a few atrocities that are considered acceptable by the government and accepted by Americans.

We need a new government. Not one based on old politics. We need a president that is not jaded or affected by the same old way of doing things. Hillary fits right into this old politics based on undeniable ties to the special interest lobbyists, broken promises, and a disconnect from the needs and passions of the real people. Have you once heard Hillary talk about her work in the community centers and inner city neighborhoods? She does not have a real understanding of the underprivileged. She votes to approve the war and of course is part of this anti-Bush campaign to bring the troops home. She votes for pro-NAFTA legislation and champions the Workers' cause to keep their jobs from going overseas and "fix" NAFTA. She says she is "proud" to be runnning against Obama, then mocks him, and uses negative campaigning against him attacking him with untrue statements. And I don't know if anyone else has noticed but her slogan and image has changed so many times throughout this campaign, I don't know if she has multiple personalities, or the more reasonable conclusion to make is that she is imploring every tactic possible to get what she wants. She has no ideals, morals, or even the wisdom to realize that when she endorses herself and McCain to have the experience a candidate needs to be president, she is dividing the party as well as praising the candidate that promotes the same ideals she is supposedly running against.

Change??? All I see is a conniving political machine willing to say and do anything to get into office, w/out concern for the ideals that make this party worth fighting for. She is not real. For these reasons I have to take action and do my part to keep another political robot from being elected for Presidency.

Obama is not affected by Washington and still in touch with the average Americans' needs and goals in life. He is an advocate for change and will not stand for the same "business as usual"; but on the same token he is not naive to the realities of politics. He is consistent; he was against the war then and is against the war now. And for these reasons I feel the responsibility to not only support Obama but really do my part in the Democratic process to oppose the Republicans. I am moved. I really want to do my part to take back my country. This presidential race has done one important thing. And that is invoke a sense of ownership and pride, for many people, for the very first time in our lives. Michele Obama spoke for the majority of Americans today when she said she is proud to be and American for the first time in her adult life.

I have to say though, that I was definitely not expecting a joy-ride the entire way. The Adams County Democratic Assembly this weekend was a taste of two sides of the political process; excitement and painful. The painful part came when we had to be there at 7:30AM on a Saturday...ouch. Once we got inside (there was a huge line to get in), we checked-in and casted our preference votes for the Democratic presidential nominee. Then we waited a good two hours for voting to finish and the Adams County Assembly to begin. Most of which was formal introductions, and jibber-jabber that really didn't mean much to us. The bulk of the Assembly was taken by candidates for state senate and congress seats making their stump speeches. We made it 'til about noon and left.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed that we left early but all that was left on the agenda was some more speeches. We did our part and voted, as well as meeting some interesting people on both sides. The atmosphere was cheery and excitement. There was one older lady that went up to the mic to make a point of order. She wanted the chairman slow down and explain the process since she was a first time delegate (she said she switched from the Republican Party). She asked a few questions and then a few people in the assembly starting booing her and one even told her to "shut up and sit down". Unbelievable. I could not believe they did that to her. She was only being honest and really she was speaking for the majority of us in the assembly that were first-time delegates as well. Suffice it to say, it put a slight damper to the day but overall, it was a fulfilling experience.

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