Sunday, November 8, 2009

How far have we really come?

Women's rights and social equality are very sticky topics today; in my opinion this topic is easily discounted and dismissed because the average person whether male or female will lump it in the category of "crazy lesbian feminism". I say there is a very deep rooted inequality in our culture that seeps through to modern culture even though the general consensus is that women now have the same opportunity as men; there is a similar comparison to the progression of equal rights for minorities, specifically civil rights.

I think it is healthy to examine the progression/lack of progression- as this will challenge complacency and laziness. Case and point: House republican Tom Price makes an obscene and appalling scene trying to shut out the Democratic Women's caucus. Unbelievable. Ostensibly, this childish attempt at censorship has other political implications but I won't open that can of worms.

Now compare that with the second video where muslim protagonists argue why "light beatings" are ok and human rights cannot refute what they interpret to be the final "truth" in the Koran. I have to say the comparison between the outburst on the House floor and the strain of thought in modern muslim cultures is very disturbing.

I ask myself how this is relevant to me today in my everyday life and I find it a hard question to answer. On the one hand I live a pretty comfortable life but in order to not regress we need to be critical of civil injustices that seep to the surface. My hope is that we can at the very least keep this debate from being buried and our generation can criticize and challenge the status quo.

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